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Monday, 23 June 2008


After the EURO 2008 quarter-final match between Turkey and Croatia, street fights are reported from Bosnian cities of mixed Bosnian Croat and Bosnian Muslim communities where 27 were injured and 33 taken under custody according to Bosnian daily newspaper Dnevni Avaz.


Fan riot occurred last night after the match between Turkey – Croatia. 16 policemen injured….

Public relation Officer at the Ministry of Internal affairs Srećko Bošnjak said that initial disorder started at two sites, prior at Square Rondo, where football fans of Croatian representation gathered. Just after the match tear gas was thrown at the members of police and fans attempted to go to Spanish Square (Španski trg).

At Square Musala football fans of Turkish representation started disorder as well, trying to reach Spanish Square too.

"Police tried to prevent fan groups to confront and pushed back both of them in different directions. We can say that around 2000 people from both sides participated it", said Bošnjak.

He also said that police had to use force, tear gas and combat vehicle in order to repress masses.

At Mostar locality 16 policemen and four fans are injured, four police vehicles and one special combat vehicle of police are damaged, and major material damage has been done. 16 persons are arrested. There were two attempts of direct car attacks at police officers. Both cases are documented; attackers are identified and will be processed.


At locality of Čapljina one policeman is injured, and five persons are arrested while at locality of Stolac three policemen are injured and eight persons arrested.

Nine citizen's vehicles are damaged in Neum, while in Čitluk four persons are arrested.


Two persons injured in disoder.

Upon the end of the match between Turkey and Croatia in the center of Žepče public order occurred

Two persons suffer ailment bodily injuries, but police refuse to precise whether injured persons are Bosniak or Croat nationality.

"Around 11:15 pm in the center of Žepče, group of app 200 fans of representation of Croatia gathered. At that moment convoy of twenty cars of Turkish representation supporters came across. Disturbance of public order occurred. Six citizen's cars have been damaged (three own by Croats and three own by Bosniaks)", duty operating Officer at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Zenica – Doboj Canton declared.

Stones and hard objects were used during disorder, and police of Žepče and Resource units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Zenica – Doboj Canton reacted.

No other incidents were recorded on Friday evening in the other municipalities of Zenica – Doboj Canton.

On the other side, it has been observed that some Bosnians had celebrated victory of Turkey in Bosnian cities like Sarajevo, Tuzlaü, Zenica by sirens in car convoys and flambeaux in city centers.

During the match 3 people had died because of heart attack in Turkey, where 27 were wounded by the bullets after the match. It has been reported that those incidences do not have any relation with the Croat-Bosniak conflict. (!)

(Translated by: Lejla Gotovuša)

Translated and piled from original articles:

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