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Friday, 20 June 2008


Commissar on duty in Ministry of Internal Affairs of Hercegovina-Neretva Canton Himzo Đonko announced that police forces will confront to any attempt of creation of disorder during and after the Croatia-Turkey match which will played today in Euro 2008 in Wien. There will be 650 policemen from Herzegovina, among there will be significant numbers of rarely equipped members of Special unit of MIA HNK known as "Turtles".

Special attention will be devoted to Mostar, Stolac and Prozor where is possible that eventual confrontations of hooligans will turn into international encounter. They reminde readers on incidents that occur two years ago after the match between Croatia and Brazil at World Championship when huge riot happened. Couple days ago there were some incidents after the match between Croatia - Germany.
(Translation assistance by: Lejla Gotovuša)

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