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Thursday, 10 November 2011


In fact, not only for Ronaldo, but it will be a hard game for Portugal as well. The matches which will be played on 11th and 15th November will be the revenge of play-off games of World Cup that was played two years ago. During those two years, Bosnia had drastically improved her football. The Bosnian players from diaspora are now a perfect team since they have been playing together for almost five years. Moreover, Portugal is not the same Portugal.

The match will again be in Zenica’s Bilino Polje. It is well known why the match will not be played in Sarajevo, but in Zenica. The tribunes in Bilino Polje are closer to the pitch and Zenica’s football fans are famous of their fever. It will be a difficult match for Portugal in Zenica. I do not think that it will be much easier in Lisboa. Since Portugal and Bosnia are seeded BH Fanaticos, the fan organization of Bosnia is working hard to attract as many fans as possible. There will be a flow of Bosnian fans who are living in different European countries. Moreover, it is expected that a considerable number of fans from Bosnia will be mobilised as well. The tourism offices are quite a lot effective.

Probably the match will be extra difficult for Ronaldo. The Portugal national team was welcome by Bosnian fans on Thursday, November 10 in Sarajevo Airport. What a welcome... Ronaldo was quite cool when the Bosnian fans were cheering for Messi. In fact, we had the illusion that he was cool. However, it is witnessed that he was not that much cold blooded during today’s training in Zenica. As seen from the photo, Ronaldo’s reaction against the Bosnian fans who were teasing him is apparent. (Photo: J. Hadzic, Dnevni Avaz)

Those who are familiar with the football culture in balkans, especially in Bosnia respectively would know that a reaction of a player against fans is not good for himself. It is an invitation for more acts. Not even only for the fans, but probably the players on the pitch will do their best to destroy the nerves of world star player, which will make us to see the limit of professionality of Ronaldo.

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