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Monday, 19 October 2009

More with "Bosnian Football Culture" soon, and a new blog

My articles in this blog had unfortunately been cancelled for a while beause of my obligatory military service in the navy and phd thesis. I apologize from the readers who follow this blog.

I am back in Sarajevo and I will restart to write actual articles again, as well as with mre articles about my preivous observations on Bosnian football fandom.

I have decided to keep this blog free from "football news" which I have designed to write only those articles about "Football Culture". Thus, I have prepared another blog just only for "football news". But, I do not want to limit this blog only to football news from Bosnia, but with a wider spectrum including Balkan countries, especially ex-Yugoslav countries. Here is the address:

I hope you will enjoy my new blog as well.

With regards,

Özgür Dirim Özkan

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